Capna Fabrication have developed an extraction system using 200 proof Ethanol.

Ethos-4 is a closed loop ethanol extractor which has 98.6% extraction efficiency rate. In 8 hour shift this system can process 24-60 lbs of material. It uses negative pressure to evacuate and transfer an emulsion from stage to stage. It operates by spraying ethanol on top of the material and soaking it with freezing ethanol. The system operates at cryo temperatures.

The system allows an operator to skip 48 hours of extra work in post processing to winterize/de-wax an extract. It can be connected directly to the auto-feed of a rotary evaporator. Ethos-4 is semi-automatic and requires 1 operator.

Here are Some Key Specks of The System

Extraction Vessel 14 gal
Collection Vessel 10 gal
Extraction Vessel 24 gal
Material Load Capacity 3000g (max)
Extraction Vessel Filter 20 Micron
Temperature range - 55C to - 80C
Power Requirements 208-230V at 12 AMP
Vacuum Pump Power Requirements 115 or 208 at 2.8 - 5 AMP

All 304 Stainless Steel Components.

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