Questions and Answers

?What is ethanol?

Ethanol is a food grade alcohol found in ALL spirits around the world. It is used in every extraction industry because of its strong solvent properties and relative consumer safety. Ethanol is used in food stuff as a common preservative and is safe to ingest.

?Is ethanol a safe extraction solvent?

?Is ethanol explosive?

?How does the ETHOS system prevent chlorophyll and plant fats from being extracted.

?Is the ETHOS system safe to operate?

?Can the ETHOS system produce shatter?

?Is ethanol effective at extracting terpenes?

?What are the yields when extracting with an ETHOS system?

?Does the ETHOS system operate under pressure?

?How do you separate the oil from the ethanol?

?How much ethanol is lost during the extraction process?

?Can the ethanol be re-used for later extractions?

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